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Email Automations

We have introduced email updates to provide regular feedback on how your child is doing in our lessons. Currently, you will be receiving 4 emails for each lesson:

  • Class Reminders

  • Lesson Performance

  • Lesson Recording

  • Homework and Slides

Performance Key

Within the lesson performance email, you will notice a quick summary on how your child performed in that lesson. Here is a key explanation of the different terms and rankings used:


This is the teacher’s judgement on how well a student understood the lesson.

1 = Struggled

2 = Understood

3 = Mastered


This measures how engaged a student was within the lesson

1 = Unknown (usually because camera is off)

2 = Distracted

3 = Attentive

4 = Proactive

Tech Issues

This is to make you aware of any technical issues your child showed during the lesson. This includes:

  • Camera Misdirected

  • Camera off

  • Mic off

  • Other Tech issues


Please check this email regularly. Where issues arise, we hope we can work together to resolve them asap to help your child’s learning.



This week, we will be rolling out homework for the first time. No homework was set last week to allow students to settle in and teachers to conduct their assessments.


After the lesson has finished, you will receive an email with the lesson slides and homework.

  1. Download the homework from the link in the email.

  2. Complete the questions on the computer or in your notebook, clearly labelling each question.

  3. Visit to upload your homework using your student ID and class code

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