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  • How many free trials do I get?
    One free trial lesson per child.
  • Do you offer a discount for multiple subjects?
    When pricing the lessons, we chose to give the best price to all parents regardless of how many subjects they choose to do Pricing starts at £15 per hour for one lesson a week in a subject, or £12 per hour for two lessons or more per subject However, for those in financial difficulty, we provide scholarships
  • How would it work if I had multiple children?
    We offer scholarships to parents with multiple children taking multiple subjects
  • How many students are there per group?
    Malcolm Gladwell’s research – optimal class sizes. Having observed larger and smaller size classrooms he has found the optimal size for learning to be around 15-18 people. Due to the sessions being online, ClassTutor scales it down to 10-12 students
  • Do you offer in person tuition?
    No, our service is online only.
  • Is it live lessons or pre-recorded?
    All lessons are live and recorded then placed on the portal for the students to view. These recording are accessible to those who are subscribed.
  • Is the schedule flexible?
    The schedule has fixed timings and you have the option of selecting the number of subjects with a minimum of one lesson per subject on one of two days. However please note that we recommend taking two lessons per subject to gain the most and see improvement in your child. Taking on one lesson per subject it geared more towards those who understand the subject but would like to use the lessons as a form of revision.
  • I can’t make one of the days but I can make the other, what should I do then?"
    We recommend taking two lessons per subject however if one of the days is an issue check if there’s another time being offered. Otherwise, you can opt to take one lesson per subject
  • Can I have one lesson per week instead of two?
    Yes you can however in order to see improvement in your child we strongly recommend 2 lessons per subject per week. One lesson is more suitable for children who are doing well in their classes but looking to revise and stay on top of things. For GCSE - triple science all three need to be taken, and both literature and language must be taken for English. Maths might be more flexible.
  • How are the different subject and year groups taught?
    Each subject is taught online as an interactive session with multiple students. Maths is taught through content and problem-solving approach. Science is taught through a content approach. English (Applies to Y10/11 is taught using a skills-based approach. Students gain more exposure this way, it gives them the advantage of seeing and learning from other students writing and work. Although students may be covering different books, this does not negatively impact students. The teacher will select extracts from various books and applies a skills-based approach
  • What exam board do you follow?
    AQA Edexcel OCR WJEC Foundation Level – not offered – highest grade: 5 Higher Level – Highest Grade: 9 Pass grade = 4
  • What syllabus do they follow?
    We take a cross syllabus approach 90% overlap between exam boards English – skills approac
  • Will this be tailored to my child?
    Yes, eachTuror will offer Support via Chat function on Zoom and the portal. All homeworks, lesson links, recordings and learning resources can also be found on the portal. Teacher Check-ups: - There is a lot of personalisation and the teacher regularly checks in on the students’ progress Reports: - You will be able to see the progress of your child in the subjects covered during lessons in a report on the portal. This is completed during every lesson. Zoom Chat: - Throughout the lesson, the student can ask and answer questions privately to the teacher through the chat function so the teacher can constantly keep a check on each student - We follow a cross syllabus approach which will cover around 90% of what the student is learning. - It is an interactive live session it allows the teacher to focus on relevant areas where the child needs support and can ask questions during the lessons
  • How do I pay? What methods are available?
    Payments are made via stripe online using a secure debit/credit card payment Payments are recurring, so it will continue to be taken each week or every 5 weeks until cancelled. If a parent wishes to cancel they can do so through our website or inform us before the next payment is due. Cancellations can only be made through our accounts team and this is done by informing us before the next payment cycle that you wish to cancel your subscription. We can then cancel the automated payment from going through.
  • Can I do weekends instead of weekdays?
    Currently lessons are on a fixed timetable, please refer to class timetable There is an option of 1-to-1 tutoring if weekends are required.
  • Can students mix and match teachers
    Yes, however check this with staff before doing so. Some classes such as triple science may have different teachers assigned to each of the different sciences.
  • Are the teachers qualified/trained?
    All tutors are UK qualified. They are either qualified teachers or experienced tutors that have strong out-of-classroom academic experience in the respective subjects they teach e.g. qualified engineers etc We interview all our teachers and only work with those that meet the highest of standards
  • Why is weekly more expensive than monthly
    There is more flexibility to cancel with a weekly package
  • How does it work? What will you send so we can log in?
    We’ll send you an email with the timetable for the session, the zoom link and code to attend the lesson. You can also find the links on the portal. You will also receive a text reminder 30 -45 minutes before the lesson with details of how to join. Please ensure you have a working microphone and camera. We advise you to use a laptop as the keyboard doesn’t overlay on the screen so it’s better for learning
  • What technology do you use?
    We use Zoom for our lessons and for the Portal, via
  • How are recordings managed?
    Recorded during the live session and put onto the portal through unlisted link on YouTube Only students from the class will have access to the recordings
  • I don’t want my child to be recorded. Is that an option?
    Most of the time the recording is on the teacher and the students are shown on small icons and only really appear when they ask a question
  • When/how do I get feedback from teachers?
    Reports: - A progress report is issued at the end of each lesson for all students. You can access this on the portal. - We continuously assess students through homeworks and classroom
  • How is homework given?
    Homeworks are a supplementary addition to the lessons. At the end of each lesson, students will be given tasks to do, which will be marked by a dedicated team to assess their learning.
  • How do you assess where my child is before they join?
    - Students are continuously assessed through the homeworks - One assessment will be carried out per ter
  • My child has missed several weeks of the class, can they still join?"
    Modular approach - Lessons are broken down into independent modules taught over 1-2 lessons. Each module is independent, so students can join the class at any time and benefit
  • Can I attend now and pay later?
    No, unless you are attending a trial
  • Do you follow the same syllabus that my school does?
    Things are not necessarily covered in the same order as they are in school. Student’s cover material twice, which is better - Its better not to study the material in the same order the school offers it as you get to cover the material twice which helps the kids remember it Ask the teacher - If there is a question they have that they need help on, they can ask the teacher via the forum or chat National Curriculum - All students will have the same material to go through, and we will cover that
  • Do we do 11+?
    Yes we do! Get in touch with us on
  • How does science work in Y7-9?
    National Curriculum - We follow the national curriculum Twice a Week is enough to cover all the material across the 3 sciences Tuition not Teaching - They are not seeing the material for the first tim
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