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Science & Maths

I have completed my bachelors in Biological Sciences from Imperial College London with First Class Honours. I then went on to completed my masters in Medical Sciences at the University of Cambridge and am currently pursuing my PhD in Neurology at University College London. I have always been passionate about teaching and helping students develop their core knowledge and soft skills therefore have undertaken various teaching training.

I began tutoring GCSE, A-Level/IB tutoring in 2016 and have had successful batches of students along the years with happy and satisfied parents. I have also taught in high schools in Cambridge as a teaching assistant therefore have experience of both classroom and private tutoring lessons. Additionally I have worked as a UCAS tutor for college applications at sixth form colleges over the past two summers. Over the last year I have done online tutoring for GCSE and A-Level tutoring. These experiences has allowed me to gain an understanding of how to tailor the lessons and cater to the needs of each individual student. Additionally, I believe that lessons are not only a source gaining in depth knowledge but also developing skills such as communication, problem solving and building confidence.

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