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I have recently just graduated with a First Class Honours in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Southampton. I have a very strong academic record, having achieved A*AA in my A-Levels, and 9 A*-B GCSEs. I have always been passionate about science, and I am excited to help my tutees to develop a better understanding of the concepts, so hopefully one day they love it just as much as I do!

I have almost 2 years of tutoring experience, and a proven track record of boosting student’s confidence as well as their grades. When it comes to science, some of the concepts and calculations can be confusing at first, so I believe building the student’s academic confidence by establishing a thorough understanding of the topic is vital to their success. I aim to make my tutees feel as comfortable as possible so they feel that they can communicate any difficulties or confusion, therefore I can tailor my lessons accordingly to optimise the lesson time.

My enthusiasm for science underlies my interactive and engaging manner whilst teaching. I assist the student in making links to either other topics or the wider field. This is often effective in them remembering the information. I also encourage active recall. This helps me gain an insight into the student’s progress and is a chance for them to consolidate their knowledge. I find going through the student’s answers and asking them to break down what they think the examiner is looking for is an efficient learning technique.

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