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Maths, Economics & Sociology

I have been tutoring for over 2 years and have helped students achieve success in their respected courses. I read Economics at the University of Nottingham and have enjoyed tutoring throughout. I take pride in my student's work which motivates me to work even harder to ensure that my students are 100% prepared to take their exams.

I specialise in subjects including Maths, Economics and Sociology, having achieved A and A* grades myself and taught each a number of years. I have the necessary skills to help you achieve the top grades in your examinations. I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve the A/A* grades, it might take hard work and determination but together we can do it.

Aside from my academic background, I also really enjoy playing and watching Cricket. I play for my local county and university squad. I am here to help you succeed and will do my best to ensure that you are ready to achieve your full potential in your examinations

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