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Maths & Consulting

I am a qualified teacher with over seven years of tutoring experience. I completed my teaching qualification with an outstanding grade at UCL’s Institute of Education (IOE) and the education charity, Teach First. The IOE is the world-leading centre for teaching and education and I build theoretical knowledge directly into my lessons to ensure great progress for all students.

Prior to my teaching career, I studied Mathematics at Queen Mary, University of London, which is part of the prestigious Russel Group. My in-depth knowledge of Mathematics allows me to stretch and challenge pupils of all ages, convey difficult concepts in a plethora of different ways and relate different areas of Maths for a better all rounded understanding. For example, exploring the relationship between Geometry and Algebra enables students to gain a deeper understanding of both topics.

Outside of work, I volunteer with education charities that bring high quality education to refugee camps and remote villages and have started up a project focused on addressing a lack of social cohesion in deprived areas of London. I believe that giving back to communities in need is my duty as a citizen of the world.

I am passionate about teaching others but also learning for my own self-development. I will be joining Accenture, a corporate technology consulting firm, where I will further my learning in business and technology across a range of industries, and have also held offers from other large corporates such as Deloitte. In my free time, I learn how to write poetry, paint, Thai box, code in Python, and I am completing a Harvard accredited course in Computer Science.

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