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I am an organised, friendly English tutor dedicated not only to improving students’ grades, but also their confidence in their work and in themselves. I have over 400 hours of tuition experience, and seen many go on to do very well in their exams. Since graduating in 2021 with a First Class Honours degree in Linguistics from The University of Edinburgh, I have been a PhD researcher at The University of Strathclyde.

I have always been interested in language and my time studying linguistics only enhanced that. Now, as a tutor, I am keen to share that passion with my students and to help them identify the things that make them excited about learning.

I aim to give my students effective strategies to reach their potential and work hard to get to know individuals and their learning styles. Although it is becoming an ever more distant memory, my own time at school was not so long ago. I find that there is a real advantage in this, as I am able to relate to and empathise with students’ experiences.

Family, friends and colleagues say that I am someone who is patient, enthusiastic, organised, thorough, and reliable: I strive to be all of these and more in my role as a tutor.

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