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I have been teaching English and Math to key stages 1-5 for seven years since graduating from Chemical Engineering from the University of Birmingham in 2013. The reason I chose this career is because I believe in the importance of making a difference in the world through leaving a good print in other people and one way to do that is through education.

I consider being an educator not just a job but a passion of mine I cannot easily let go of. I have different experiences at different international schools in Egypt and have worked before as a co and support teacher for groups of students with SEN and ESL needs. I have designed a guided reading system at one point in year 4 to assess and track students reading levels making sure they are reading enough and at the right level.

Recently, I have been teaching Mathematics to different classes in year 5- the subject I enjoy teaching most. It is an enjoyable experience to engage my students in fun activities including real life word problems with stores that they can relate to in their lives and hence have more enjoyment in the process of solving these questions involving different steps.

I have camp leadership skills experience in addition to being an educator, and being organized, a good listener I always thought I had what it takes to be in charge of a group of students at all ages from 6- 14 taking care of not only their educational needs but also their emotional and physical ones.

I also completed a teaching diploma from the American university in cairo which enabled me to have more awareness into different teaching and classroom management techniques in addition to catering for students with different abilities, intelligences and learning styles.

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