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English & Primary

My love of learning and community are the golden threads that hold together my life and career focus. I currently teach four-days-a-week in Manchester Primary Schools and offer online tuition to children in the UK and internationally.

My tuition provides bespoke lessons for children who struggle to concentrate in the classroom, children with special educational needs/ disabilities and gifted children who can achieve greater depth results. Online tuition focuses on improving child development and subject knowledge of reception, year one, two and three curriculums including the age-related expectations for SATS (year 2). Remote learning is for children following the primary national curriculum in the UK, who attend British international schools or are home educated. I work in partnership with parents to ensure that the gaps in children’s learning are covered during our 1:1 lesson. Parents report that children’s English language improves and their confidence grows.

So far I've worked with children and young people in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. I am a UK qualified teacher (QTS, BA Hons, MA, with a PhD scholarship), specialising in bringing the love of learning to younger children. Please reach out to explore what your child might benefit from.

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