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English & Maths

I am an experienced Primary School Teacher, having worked for 9 years as a Primary Educator in various settings. For the past 3 years, I have worked as maths curriculum lead, which has provided me with a deep understanding of the current maths curriculum. My role as a curriculum lead has provided me with an extensive knowledge of the Primary curriculum from years 1-6.

I have experience of teaching classes with children of varying abilities and therefore am able to differentiate learning to suit the needs of the child. I am able to tailor my lessons to ensure that all students can make accelerated progress. I have taught year 6 for many years, providing me with a clear knowledge of the level children need to achieve before leaving Primary School.

Working in an inner city school has given me experience of teaching children with English as an additional language and children who are new to English. Therefore, I am confident teaching children who need support to develop their spoken and written English.

I use a structured, systematic approach to explain and explore concepts in depth, breaking the learning down into clear steps for the children, thus enabling children to understand the learning in depth. I strongly believe that all children can achieve if provided with high quality, tailored learning.

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