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Science & Maths

I finished my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering at Sheffield University and have been tutoring for several years. I joined Jaguar Land Rover where I was able to pursue a part-time Masters' in Engineering & Process Excellence while also working on electric vehicles before joining Bentley Motors as a technical manager where I am able to further develop my technical expertise.

For me, tutoring is a way to give back and help students achieve their best. I have been teaching for over 5 years and many of my tutees have gone on to succeed at the next stage of their lives. I draw on my engineering experience and my skills from coaching adults and youth in public speaking refine my tutoring. I tend to ask a lot of questions in class to make sure all the students are engaged and understand the key concepts.

The best part about tutoring for me is watching students gain confidence to engage in class and elucidate new concepts in their own words.

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